Republican-Led Congress Barely Keeps America Running

Republican-Led Congress Barely Keeps America Running

Late Sunday night we've received word that our paid representatives have eked out a spending package to stave off a once-imminent government shutdown.

Agreeing upon the negotiated package is just step one, and it will come to a vote this week.

In it there is some 14 billion earmarked for expanding our already too-big military, and of course for 'border security' so Trump won't look completely incompetent to his under-educated base.

However the 1.5b is only to be used to improve existing structures along our southern border, and for some vague 'technology investments'- which probably means cameras.

Also included is 61 million for local fuzz to pay for Trumps inability to stay in the White House over the weekend, where presumably he's haunted by the ghost of Lincoln.

House Dems brag that 160 items were removed by Republicans, which probably included the Manchurian candidate treatment for Tiffany & Melania, as well as compulsory spray tanning for visiting dignitaries.

Source: WaPo

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